Our friends at No Fate Productions have started a Tumblr for updates about their CGI animated fan continuation of TSCC, The Connor Chronicles. Aelysian has signed on to help with writing and reviewing and Aztalanturf is helping with marketing. 

For more info on the project, visit their site at www.terminatorcc.com or follow their Tumblr at nofateproductions.tumblr.com.


Hi everyone,

This is The_GodfatherSJP, Production Manager for Terminator: The Connor Chronicles. We’ve long had a twitter account and now we’re on Tumblr too! We’ll be bringing you updates, news flashes related to Terminator, items about our project, the works.

We regret to announce the cancellation of No Fate Con. Please see www.nofatecon.com for an official statement (and a thank you) from the convention organizers.

Introducing PETMAN, from the good people at Boston Dynamics, who continue to bring the world creepy terminatoresque robots, thanks to DARPA. They are *definintely* on Sarah Connor’s list…

Physicists at Cornell University, with support from DARPA, the same government organization that is helping fund Boston Dynamics’ terminatoresque robots, have successfully masked an event by manipulating light, a concept known as temporal cloaking.

For the sciency folks out there, check out the article in Nature. For the rest of us, Wired provides a great summary of the experiment and results.

TSCC Alumni Return With New Episodes

TV’s holiday hiatus is over for many shows and new episodes are once again airing. Check out new episodes from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles alums in the following shows this week:

  • Thursday, January 5 at 9/8c on The CW…
    The Secret Circle (Thomas Dekker
  • Sunday, January 8 at 8/7c on ABC…
    Once Upon a Time (writers Daniel Thomsen & Ian Goldberg)

For those who prefer a quiet New Year’s Eve, join us for tonight’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles viewing party. We’re watching Queen’s Gambit at 10 PM EST (-05:00 GMT). And you’ll be done in time to watch the ball drop.

Check out this interview with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles writers Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz by Charlie Jane Andrews at io9. It’s from May, but still a great read.

Zack Stentz will be appearing at No Fate Con.

Researchers at the University of Illinois are developing self-healing electronic circuit technology, which would allow devices such as cellphones to repair themselves. According to Techland: 

The research team has developed a system of capsules inserted along the circuit, each one filled with liquid metal that — when the circuit is broken — are released to restore connectivity and complete the circuit again.

Continuing with their 2011 in review stories, io9 have published their list of the best and worst sci-fi and fantasy movies of the year. Included on the list is Thor, written by Sarah Connor Chronicles alums Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz.

Hadn’t seen this site before. Warning: make sure you have plenty of time to kill before clicking.